Are We Addicted to the Fresh Start?

Living this slightly nomadic lifestyle has brought about such great excitement and adventure but also a few questions for me that I hadn’t previously thought about.  Because of the nature of our foreign post, we are limited in the time we can stay abroad and thus, we are constantly discussing our next steps, otherwise know as, our exit strategy.  Where to next?  I actually enjoy the many conversations and process of discovering where the next chapter leads us.

I have always said that we are not running away from anything, but moving toward something that excites us and we are interested in trying.  It leads me to the questions, am I living like its temporary?  Does that limit how involved I get?  Does it change the way I view the issues and people who I come in contact with?  Is saying good-bye all the time so emotionally grinding that I really only get so attached to any given piece of my life right now?

Short answer is yes.  Maybe that’s sad to admit, but I can’t commit for the long haul, I’m in a short-term frame of mind.  That doesn’t mean I’m not attached or making great and lasting friendships, it just means in the back of my mind, I know it won’t last like this for very long.   If anything, it has taught me to seize all the moments I can.  For I know there are pieces of this pie that I will miss terribly when it’s over.

I do notice that my kids do not have this.  They love, invest and live in the moment like there is no other option.   They are all in.   It is such a great reminder to appreciate the present.  I’m glad they have the chance to experience Colombia fully, and I hope they remember it as a part of their childhood in a very significant way.

So until our next fresh start, I’m going to make the most of this one.  Here is a little of what we have been up to lately.

One thought on “Are We Addicted to the Fresh Start?

  1. Love this. I feel the same that sometimes you feel it hard to invest when you know it’s short term but I’ve now realised to just be present and grab every moment regardless of how short a time we have in a place. Loved the pics too!


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