Convento de la Popa


Since we first began our decent into Cartagena, I have wondered about the building on top of the only hill in Cartagena.  Turns out, it is the Convento de la Popa, a monastery no longer in use.  So we took an afternoon and checked it out.

For a small fee, we cruised around the grounds, it was nice to finally get the reverse view of Bocagrande and the Old City.  It is a beautiful building full of history and artwork hung high. The jewel was the charming center courtyard; complete with exposed bricks, arched doorways and endless blooming Bougainvillea.  It’s hard to get over the setting, it is as breathtaking as they come.



The chapel is equally as stunning, and we took a minute to enjoy the quiet after the tour groups had left.  I have no doubt we will be back again to visit, I can see a sunset moment happening on one of those patios for sure.

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