Isla del Encanto

…and that’s just what it was.  Enchanted.  A little sleepy and just what I needed for 36 hours with the girls.  That’s right, we slipped away for some beach lounging, drink sipping, nap-taking enjoyment.


Just one hour by boat, and you can be sitting pretty just feet from the water.  Fair warning: I am about to photo dump some beautiful island goodness, but I have to note that some of the lovely ladies I was with took many of these photos during the morning sunrise, while I was still sleeping! Bless them.

We  were greeted on the island with fresh juice and friendly staff ready to make our vacation wonderful.   It didn’t take long to locate our seats and get right to the important stuff.  My kindle, an ice-cold margarita and lots of chatting in between.

The grounds were gorgeous, with so many nooks where you could find a quiet space to enjoy the view.  Nothing was too far away and yet everything felt very private and secluded.

We even took a little walk around the island and met some locals.

Why are Colombian dogs just the best?!  Seriously, they are.   And because Sunrise and Sunset never cease to amaze.  I am so very grateful for these experiences and for the excitement that is traveling somewhere new with good friends.

I always come home from these trips ready to plan my next adventure.  Seeing a place for the first time leaves me wanting more.  As for Isla del Encanto, I will be back for sure.

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