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Botanical Garden of Cartagena “Guillermo Piñeres”

Easter Sunday we found some time to take the 30 minute drive out-of-town to the Jardin Botanica, and I'm so glad we did.  It far exceeded my expectations.   We arrived late afternoon and nearly had the place to ourselves.  A groomed trail and a friendly tour guide and we were on our way exploring… Continue reading Botanical Garden of Cartagena “Guillermo Piñeres”

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Growing Up Expat: What you Sacrifice

I wanted to write a post that analyzes both what you give up to be an expat and what you hopefully gain.  I'm first going to discuss sacrifices, not because I want to highlight the negative but because these were my thoughts before we ever agreed to come to Colombia.  Moving overseas with young children… Continue reading Growing Up Expat: What you Sacrifice

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Isla del Encanto

...and that's just what it was.  Enchanted.  A little sleepy and just what I needed for 36 hours with the girls.  That's right, we slipped away for some beach lounging, drink sipping, nap-taking enjoyment. Just one hour by boat, and you can be sitting pretty just feet from the water.  Fair warning: I am about to… Continue reading Isla del Encanto