Blue Apple Beach House

A few weeks back, we had some good friends in town and decided to take a day trip out to the Blue Apple Beach Club.   Just a quick 20 minute boat ride from Bocagrande and we were toes-in-sand on a beautiful quiet beach.  Going mid-week seemed to make perfect sense, it was a very relaxed setting, people sipping mixed drinks, lounging on cabanas and reading books.

With hammocks hung from every tree, an on-site restaurant serving amazing food and the Blue Apple Margarita that kept me company, we could have stayed much longer.   Both my kids enjoyed the pool just steps away from the lounging area, and the friendly resort dog didn’t hurt either.

It was so nice to enjoy the serenity of Colombia without the craziness of city life and beaches full of vendors.  To just be surrounded by nature was all the break my brain needed to feel rejuvenated.

I literally cannot wait to get back here.  I feel like this may have to be a regular activity for our family!




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My name is Meghan, and this is the journey of our little family who left perfect suburban America for tropical Cartagena, Colombia. I plan on keeping it truthful: the good, the bad and everything in between. Follow our expat life, raising little kids in a new culture, while trying to keep ahold of our roots.

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