Tres Anos

My baby is three.  It seemed so far away, until it was here.  And now she wants to be a big girl all the time.


She is a smart, talented and beautiful. She loves twirling, painting, reading, nail polish, sprinkles, cats & dogs, swimming, music and her brother.  She can name all the Avengers and loves playing dress up.  She still has the best cheeks I have ever seen and the biggest smile to go with them.  We waited a LONG time for this birthday and we’ve been talking about it for even longer, so no surprise, it was the best day ever.  As seen by going face first into your cupcake with Brother cheering you on.

She chose a Shimmer and Shine theme to have at her school party where all her best little friends could attend.  Last year, we couldn’t even light her candles because the fire scared her, but this year, blowing out the candles took center stage!  Her first Colombian birthday and she celebrated like a local!  She has been through a lot this year and I was so happy to give this girl a day of her own!  Happiest Birthday my littlest love.

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