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Travel Bucket List

I really like the idea of a bucket list.  I used to do seasonal goals, (summer, winter, etc.) but haven't gotten into the habit here since everything felt so new this past year.   Survival was the goal.   Now that we are back into a familiar routine, we can make some adventure plans. So… Continue reading Travel Bucket List

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Cartagena Ghost Tour

This may be a little early for Halloween, but I had the chance to take the Ghost Tour in El Centro and couldn't pass it up.   Cartagena at night is a beautifully different experience.  The cooler temps and charm from all the ambient lighting really makes a feast for the eyes. We used Cartagena… Continue reading Cartagena Ghost Tour

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It’s All About the Sun… Screen

I'm pretty pale.  Like it took me 3.5 months of living in the Caribbean to get tan lines.  I have the ability to can get a tan, I just choose to stay pretty clear of it when I have a choice.  We came from a very cloudy climate, so moving to 365 days of sun,… Continue reading It’s All About the Sun… Screen

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Growing up Expat – The Gains

I wrote about the sacrifices that we make here, but I really wanted to spend these last few weeks before we head home for summer talking about what we have gained. Being Happy with Less - I'm not trying to get philosophical just yet, I plain and simple mean we live with less amenities than were… Continue reading Growing up Expat – The Gains

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A Quick Weekend Getaway

We found ourselves in the islands again, this time for a quick family getaway.  Sometimes you need to spend all day in your swim suit searching for crabs, practicing your kayak skills, perfecting your underwater pose, digging for treasure in the white sand, all while sipping fruity drinks.  Yeah, so we did that.   And… Continue reading A Quick Weekend Getaway

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Saving memories…

It was time for a few new family photos, and what better back drop than the old city.  I try to get a professional session at least once a year, as these are usually some of the only photos I get to join in on. The bright colors and cobble stone streets set the perfect… Continue reading Saving memories…