Island Life

We had our first boat adventure out to the islands last weekend and it was everything I was hoping it would be, besides being down one sick kid.  We chartered a boat with friends and headed off in a drizzly morning out to the Islas del Rosario to check out the Oceanarium.

We saw some beach houses that barely had any beach along the way and then we pulled right up to the Oceanario.  A nearby tropical storm had caused some flooding, so we cruised right up into ankle-deep water and got to exploring.  I may have made friends with a pelican, if he would have followed me back onto the boat,  I would have taken him home.

I’m not sure he was a permanent resident, but he definitely enjoyed the free lunch!


The park itself is small but charming, wood planked pathways take you through each exhibit, with tidal flows passing under your feet.  The guide speaks in Spanish but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the show and getting the full experience.  Trying to enjoy what the Oceanarium had to offer and being aware of dolphins and other animals performing in captivity was a struggle for me.  I believe most of these animals would rather live free in the wild, but I felt better they were actually living in natural sea water with regular tidal activity than a chlorinated tank.

Then it was time for the next stop, so back on the boat we went to find a beach.  We passed by some small islands before settling on Isla Baru, Agua Azul Beach!

It was perfect.  White sand, shells, and not too crowded.  We stayed and played and I would go back in a heartbeat.  Such a great day to adventure around see what Colombia has to offer.  Expat life is good.


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