Current Most Useful Expat Apps

Being overseas has created some unusual tech challenges, how do you keep up with your normal level of productivity and social connection?  Some of these are just as wonderful Stateside but they are extra lovely when you are living far away.

Here are a few of our current favs:

Whats App – is by far the most used.  We can text, call, video chat and leave voice messages on this wonderful App – and its FREE!  This is how many of the Colombian locals communicate and it allows for easy copy/paste over to Google Translate.   However,  it works just as well with friends and family at home and majority of the time the calls are crystal clear.

Tappsi – In Colombia it is recommended that expats do not hail a cab off the street but rather call a reputable company to send one over.   Well, this app uses location services to allow you to hail a cab from wherever you are without having to find the exact address.  It sends you the license plate number, name and picture of the driver and make and model of the cab so you know exactly who is coming to get you.  It’s easy to take a screen shot and shoot it over to someone else so they know exactly whose car you are in.

Waze –  A similar function to Google Maps that gives directions, with quickest routes and traffic considerations.  My hubby favors this one for the Spanish-speaking directions,  but I find Google Maps still gets the job done for me as well.

Google Translate – this one is a little obvious, but nonetheless, I use it just about everyday to help communicate and understand whats going on in the news and with my kid’s school.

Duolingo – A free app that helps you learn languages in a fun and easy format.  Great for vocabulary, not so much for verb usage!

Bank of America – using their picture deposit function, we are able to deposit checks from abroad without setting foot near an ATM or a branch office!  I can lock and unlock my debit card on the go as well as other regular online banking functions.  It’s always nice to be able to check balances and conversions on the go and not have to wait until you get home.

iHeartRadio – getting all our local radio stations can really lift a mood when you are missing home.


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