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Cartagena City Guide: Volcan Totumo

Last weekend, we had the chance to take a dip in the Volcan Totumo.  It's a naturally occurring mud-filled volcano, which some locals say has mineral infused healing powers.  I'm not sure about that, but how could we turn down the opportunity for such an adventure? We rolled up, two gringo girls in a minivan,… Continue reading Cartagena City Guide: Volcan Totumo

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Growing up Expat – The Gains

I wrote about the sacrifices that we make here, but I really wanted to spend these last few weeks before we head home for summer talking about what we have gained. Being Happy with Less - I'm not trying to get philosophical just yet, I plain and simple mean we live with less amenities than were… Continue reading Growing up Expat – The Gains

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A Quick Weekend Getaway

We found ourselves in the islands again, this time for a quick family getaway.  Sometimes you need to spend all day in your swim suit searching for crabs, practicing your kayak skills, perfecting your underwater pose, digging for treasure in the white sand, all while sipping fruity drinks.  Yeah, so we did that.   And… Continue reading A Quick Weekend Getaway

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9 Anõs – My Secret to Staying Married.

We are celebrating 9 years most things in life, sometimes it feels like decades more and other times I can remember the early details like they were yesterday.   There is not much else I can say except that I married a man so much better than myself.  He always says I'm sorry first… Continue reading 9 Anõs – My Secret to Staying Married.

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Saving memories…

It was time for a few new family photos, and what better back drop than the old city.  I try to get a professional session at least once a year, as these are usually some of the only photos I get to join in on. The bright colors and cobble stone streets set the perfect… Continue reading Saving memories…

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The Balance – Growing up Expat

I wrote this post a few months after we arrived in Colombia and for some reason, I didn't post it.  However, it's interesting to see how far we've come and I do feel that it's still applicable:  I am always in pursuit of the balance. There is such a fine balance between raising your kids… Continue reading The Balance – Growing up Expat