9 Anõs – My Secret to Staying Married.

We are celebrating 9 years today….like most things in life, sometimes it feels like decades more and other times I can remember the early details like they were yesterday.   There is not much else I can say except that I married a man so much better than myself.  He always says I’m sorry first (always) and keeps me laughing everyday.  He is a wonderful blend of responsible and fun, and he puts up with most of my crazy ideas.

But as we push into a decade of being married, I believe that the secret to staying married is that his worst quality (which shall remain nameless) is okay with me.   Of course I love all the amazing qualities he has:  Loyal, caring, sensitive, the laughing, all that stuff is good, but I never have to worry about a “deal breaker.”  I didn’t marry him wanting or assuming he would ever change or “grow” into certain habits.  I married him exactly where he was, the good and the bad.  We have definitely grown up along the way, but I know at the core who he is and I accept that person unconditionally.

Not very often, if ever, do you get to have all the people you love in one place.  It really was just a magical day.  Here is too many more babe.


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