Medellin: Part 2

After Guatape, we headed into the city for a few days.   The drive in is such a stunning mix of mountains and city scape, and I couldn’t quite get a shot that is really representative of how beautiful it really is from the car.

We stayed at the newer Marriott and loved its location.  Set in the El Poblado neighborhood, we immediately set out to check out our nearby eateries and just enjoy the fresh air.   At times, it felt as if we could have been back in Portland.   Clean streets, lots of trees and parks and we even strolled up on a Starbucks, what?

We went to check out the Zoo afterward.   I was pleasantly surprised at the facilities and the care towards the animals.  Lots of knowledgable staff just waiting to share information with you, and many of up close encounters with animals from this region.

The next day, we headed for the metro cable cars, giving you a bird’s eye view of the city.    Such a different way to see the vastness of this city and its different areas.

On this trip, I was really able to see my kids embrace a new City with all the adventurous spirit I hope they keep forever.   Not all of our activities were “kid-centered” but they liked them nonetheless.   I was so happy to be walking around in jeans and t-shirt with a slight breeze, I could have stayed another week!  Overall, Medellin was the perfect long weekend.  Easy in so many ways.

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