The Hardest Part

What is the hardest part about living overseas? It’s simple.  The being far away. This past week we had to watch the news as the Woosley Fire in Malibu, California ripped through our families property.  With no power or cell service, we were cut off from all communication for 24 hours and not knowing how … More The Hardest Part

Pack for a Purpose

Have you heard of Pack for a Purpose?  This past weekend, I had to the chance to learn firsthand what their program was all about. From their website, you search out your vacation destination and find a list of non-profits that you can choose to help.  You will then be able to find a list … More Pack for a Purpose

On Having Help

I have wanted and waited to write this post since we first got here 2 years ago.   I knew I needed more time to sort it all out and to experience the true impact in our household.  There is a lot of conversation and thought that goes into how I will write this post, … More On Having Help

2 Years In…

This was by far the smoothest transition back into life in Cartagena that we have had yet.  I know it is different for everyone, but the longer we are here the easier it is to come back from a break. My kids started school in the most normal way possible and we jumped back into … More 2 Years In…