Growing Up Expat: Summer Break

We are continuing our nomad summer up in Oregon and enjoying every minute.   While it is a much needed break for all of us, I am wondering if I am going to get my kids on the plane back to Colombia when the time comes?

Thanks Alaska Airlines for letting us check out the cockpit on our way to Portland.

Not only have they had this extended vacation-like summer where we travel around and hit our favorite spots and see our favorite people, but they are feeling all the wonderful feelings of familiarity.  The feelings of belonging and knowing where we are and how they can participate in this world.  I can’t tell you how much joy they take in eating Starbucks cake-pops, running crazy at the park with friends, taking long bubble-baths, story-time at the library and having s’mores by the campfire.   It is everything warm and fuzzy about coming “home.”

This is where some Mommy (and Daddy) guilt can creep in.  Did I really take them away from all of this? Is there one recipe for a healthy childhood and did we just totally blow it?  I don’t say this to seek validation for our choices, I just have to be honest about the thoughts that run through my head.  I know we made these decisions for some very valid reasons, even if I can’t think of it while I’m stuffing my face with s’mores.

The truth is this summer was meant to be all about the “now.”  Enjoying the luxuries not available to us overseas and that includes spending time with so many people we love.  It isn’t my job to make every moment of their childhood magical  but I spend a good amount of time over-thinking it anyways.

We are so grateful for the chance to spend summer at home.  To rest and rejuvenate our minds so we are ready to explore again.   These sunny summer Oregon days are just about perfect and we have a few more weeks to soak them all in.

2 thoughts on “Growing Up Expat: Summer Break

  1. You’re making memories your children will cherish for a lifetime, while giving them experiences sure to broaden their horizons, expand their worldview, and appreciate differences. In case traveling with your kids gets to be too worrisome, feel free to swap one out for me! I’m a great travel companion!

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