Pack for a Purpose

Have you heard of Pack for a Purpose?  This past weekend, I had to the chance to learn firsthand what their program was all about. From their website, you search out your vacation destination and find a list of non-profits that you can choose to help.  You will then be able to find a list … More Pack for a Purpose

Playing the Tourist

With family visiting, we got the change to revisit some of our favorite places in Cartagena.  The list is getting longer and it’s so fun to show off some of the special places we love…..  Here is a photo recap of our past week in no particular order:   From Thanksgiving to lazy island beach … More Playing the Tourist

Cartagena City Guide: Vivarium del Caribe

A new Vivarium opened just outside Cartagena last month.  I didn’t even know what a Vivarium was.  We had the chance to check it out last weekend. Thanks to Wikipedia:  A vivarium (Latin, literally for “place of life”; plural: vivaria or vivariums) is an area, usually enclosed, for keeping and raising animals or plants for … More Cartagena City Guide: Vivarium del Caribe

Tuesday Coffee Date

Our 2nd stop for Tuesday Coffee was in the trendy neighborhood of Getsemani.  Lots of hostels and beautiful street Art, there really isn’t a bad photo to be taken. We came across a little hole in the wall spot called Beiyu. We had fancy coffee and my first Colombian Acai bowl!!  I had been searching … More Tuesday Coffee Date

The Esmeralda

Our apartment looks out over the bay and one of our favorite pastimes is watching all the different ships and boats that come to visit Cartagena.  This past weekend we had the chance to tour the beautiful Chilean Navy boat, The Esmeralda. She is only visiting Cartagena for a few days, so we hopped over to … More The Esmeralda