Where do I begin?  I am so very thankful for the people in our lives.  The people who we have loved forever and the new faces we share laughs with.  The people who love my children and help me through motherhood, and those who have taught me along the way.  For people willing to travel … More Thankful

2 Months In…

We have officially been here 2 months and some days it feels like we have been here a year and then again, we are just barely getting settled. This month was about finding home, or a feeling of home.  Getting into our apartment, setting up familiar items and creating a new normal.  Day 1 in … More 2 Months In…

10 Things

I thought I would make note of 10 interesting things we have come across since living here: 1. Dinner is at 9pm for most.  We are still not accustomed to this one, so it means we are the only ones in the restaurants at 6:30.  Being the only customer = great service! 2.  Sunday is … More 10 Things

The Actual 35

Aplogize for the long abcense, we are working on getting wi-fi in our new place, and well, things just take a little longer down here. So yesterday, I turned 35.  I was thinking about where I thought I would be when I turned this age vs where I actually am. Truthfully, I never thought that … More The Actual 35