10 Things

I thought I would make note of 10 interesting things we have come across since living here:

1. Dinner is at 9pm for most.  We are still not accustomed to this one, so it means we are the only ones in the restaurants at 6:30.  Being the only customer = great service!

2.  Sunday is beach day.  Everyone goes to the beach on Sunday and they stay all day.

3. Rules of the road, to which there are very few. No one drives very fast but they also don’t abide by any real traffic laws.  However, no one will turn on red lights, which we find so odd because they do whatever else they want.

3.5  – They reverse into parking spots, everywhere.  No matter how tight, you back in.

4.  Sticking with the driving theme, car seat safety is not a thing here.  You can buy car seats here but mostly for babies, slightly older toddlers and younger kids can be seen flying around in the back seat not even buckled in.

5. Personal space for kids.  They have none.  Adults and older kids alike will come and pinch Brynn’s cheeks or pat her head.  All adults acknowledge the kids and say hello and ask the lots of questions.

6.  The toilet paper smells like baby powder.

7. Meals are 2 hour experiences, there is never a rush to leave a restaurant. You have to ask for the bill when you are finished with your meal.

8.  They take holidays very seriously.  Celebrating is important business and taking time away from work is important, businesses close and people are with their families.

9. Beauty is cheap.  Being beautiful is important to Colombian women and the pageant industry is big here.  Spending time at salons or spas is often a family or group affair and not incredibly expensive.

10.   They have the most amazing thunderstorms I have ever seen.  Complete with the works, thunder, rain and lots of lightning!  I will miss the rainy season when it’s over!

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