The Actual 35

Aplogize for the long abcense, we are working on getting wi-fi in our new place, and well, things just take a little longer down here.

So yesterday, I turned 35.  I was thinking about where I thought I would be when I turned this age vs where I actually am. Truthfully, I never thought that living in South America with little kids was in my plan so this whole thing still surprises me. I do know the most rewarding parts of my life were never in a plan but were opportunities that I decided to take.

So last night we were able to have our first date without the kids and we wondered around, ate good food and shopped so it was basically a perfect night for me!

We found a beautiful restaurant that had a balcony table overlooking a square in the walled city.  We ate while we listened to horse drawn carriages clop by down below and it all felt pretty magical.

So here is my cheers to 35 years!

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