Where do I begin?  I am so very thankful for the people in our lives.  The people who we have loved forever and the new faces we share laughs with.  The people who love my children and help me through motherhood, and those who have taught me along the way.  For people willing to travel far and wide to share holidays with us.  I am so grateful for the crazy man I share this journey with and the way he loves our family.  I am thankful for sunny days and thunderstorms, for mail from home and new favorite cafe’s, for modern conveniences and historical charm, and moments when it all feels exactly like it should.  Our list is long and plentiful.  Happy Thanksgiving from our Turkeys to yours!


4 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Back to you !!! Thankful that you allow us to share this time with us, and so happy that the technology allows for the GREAT VISUAL!!!! Love to you all and SO excited to see you in December!!!
    your (favorite) aunt cin!!


  2. OMG it is so funny I came across your blog searching through the web for Vivarium´s phone number because my kids go to the same school as yours here in Cartagena hahahah!!! I believe you are in the states right now for christmas but hope to have a coffee together when you get back!!! Loved the blog…Besos and have a merry x-mas and a happy new year!!!

    Paola Martinez
    Mom of Paulina Tono (Maternal) and Juan Pablo Tono (3rd Grade)


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