A Quick Trip to LaLaLand

When we had the opportunity to fly to LA for my college roommates wedding, there were just too many good reasons to say yes.  I know these trips home can be expensive and a hassle but I also knew that I would regret not going, so I booked 2 flights and took my boy home to meet some very special ladies, hang with his grandparents for a bit and have some good ‘ol mother/son adventuring!

We landed in LA and didn’t waste anytime getting a hot ride with my fav gal in the world.   It was a beautiful drive up PCH through Malibu and enjoying all the wonderful feelings of coming home.  Starbucks in hand, driving while chatting and knowing an amazing couple of days are in the works!

Next, we married off one of our own in a beautiful wedding on the beach. I will forever love these ladies and the wonderful memories we share and continue to make.


The fun wasn’t about to end there, Disneyland was on the horizon.  If I ever loved it as a kid, taking your own kid is every bit as exciting and more.  His face when it’s about to be our turn on a ride, trying to decide what his favorite ride is, tasting Disney churros and dancing with a pirate band in New Orleans Square, the magic of nighttime as all the lights come on, seeing Buzz Lightyear, Mickey and so much more.

There is no value on the memories we make, especially with friends who are more like family and family that we miss dearly.  Part of Expat life meant being physically far away from our loved ones and making these long journeys is something I will try to always say yes to.  We flew home tired but full in spirit.  Thank you to all who made it a wonderful trip for us.



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