One Important Change.

When we arrived back in Cartagena after summer break, Coffee Tuesdays were born.  Something that had been discussed for a few months came to life and it has made all the difference for me this year.

It is one morning set aside every week to explore.   New restaurants, galleries or shops.  A no-guilt couple of hours dedicated to discovering new gems in the City.  This day gives my usual weekday routine a nice exciting twist.   We have talked about the creation of a coffee-table book made solely from the pictures we take on Tuesdays, and I think I might have to give it a try.

When we moved overseas, I felt eager to find my new routine.  I needed a schedule and a comfort zone.    I have also enjoyed playing the tourist on weekends with my family, but this isn’t about hitting every stop on trip advisor.  It is about slow mornings with friends, finding the best coffee, meeting locals, going somewhere on a whim and wandering around to find the most beautiful and photogenic spaces.   Most of these are difficult with kids in tow.  If I could give everyone this same advice: go explore your town, keep your sanity and give yourself something to look forward to in the middle of the week.

Coffee Tuesdays will forever be one my fondest memories of our time living in Cartagena.

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