Cartagena Ghost Tour

This may be a little early for Halloween, but I had the chance to take the Ghost Tour in El Centro and couldn’t pass it up.   Cartagena at night is a beautifully different experience.  The cooler temps and charm from all the ambient lighting really makes a feast for the eyes.

We used Cartagena Connections and our tour guide was wonderful.   Not to mention it was good exercise walking all over the old city.  Here is the description from their website:

$25US/50,000 pesos duration: 7.00pm – 9.00pm meet point: Iglesia San Pedro de Claver

“A city rich in folklore, Cartagena is teeming with stories of spooky sightings, unexplained happenings, urban legends and superstitions. Whether they are true or not is largely irrelevant, you’re in the world of Magic Realism and facts are rarely as important as a good story. Join us as we explore Cartagena’s historic streets with a view to tapping into some of the most creepy/fascinating of these tales. A fantastic alternative tour, taking place in the cool of the evening, you will learn about guacas, ghouls, ghosts and graves plus a bunch of other insights into Cartagena and its historic past.”

I don’t want to give away too many details, plus I’m not sure I could remember them all.  I will say that we learned many very interesting stories about Cartagena’s past, including some creepy urban legends and a few spots to never go!  We visited the remains of a Saint, learned the reasons behind the giant doors and elaborate door knockers, and heard the many renovation stories of the city’s historical cathedrals (layers and layers of crypts). Overall, it was a great spin on the classic walking tour and I recommend it to anyone looking for a casual and fun experience.

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