It’s For the Birds

I just learned that Colombia has more species of birds than any other country.  So naturally, we had to go check out the recently opened Aviary, the Aviario Nacional de Colombia.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was clean and well-kept with plenty of open air exhibits to give a very natural feel.  We walked along wooden plank pathways and well kept gardens to see many different birds.


This little guy greeted us at the entrance and you know I can’t resist making a new friend.

There were some standout favorites for me, the flamingos were an easy choice.  So gorgeous and in an open air exhibit that makes you feel like you are seeing them in the wild.

The other for me is and always will be the peacocks!  They were free roaming and we would see them throughout various parts of the whole Aviary.  Is there anything more beautiful?

We will definitely go again, only an hour’s drive from Cartagena on Isla Baru.  This will become a family favorite.

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