From Pines to Palms

I’m an Oregon girl, and we do Christmas trees better than anyone.  So to get into the Christmas spirit when living in the Caribbean, one has to make a few adjustments.  But it really isn’t that hard to trade in some pines for some palms, when they are decorated to the nines!  Just check out some of the amazing Christmas lights around our neighborhood!

And it is like this all over the City!  Trees, lights, Nativity’s, and more.  But the grandest tree of all is in the Old City and its AH-Mazing!


It is Christmas eye candy! Just standing near it made me merry!

I am so grateful that my kids are getting to learn about other cultures and their traditions, but I’m equally excited that Colombians are so enthusiastic about Christmas!  It is the perfect mix of sharing our own traditions and making some new ones!  We made sure to make it out to the local “tree” lighting, which was really a giant star and parade!  There were so many people are dressed in green and red, and even Santa made a special appearance.

Some would find it difficult to feel the Christmas spirit while wearing t-shirt and shorts in December, but I have to say, thanks to all the festive Colombians, we are feeling pretty jolly!


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