First Impressions: Food

We have been in Colombia for a little over a week and while I’m not qualified to give any real food critique, we have made a few first impressions.

So far, the food has been pretty good, freshly made and you are never rushed through a meal.  Produce and meat in general are very flavorful and easy to come by.  Portions are smaller and you will rarely get an order with any specific change requests that are off the menu.  I don’t know if they forget or don’t care, but you just learn to deal with it being pretty close to how you ordered it.

We have tried lots of new to us items: coconut rice, all kinds of Arepa’s, tropical fruits like Pitahay and Granadilla and some we still don’t know the names of.   What I am dying to try is a Lemonade de Coco – will update on that very soon!

The restaurants have been excellent so far.  We tried the traditional Colombian food, some Italian and even the new Freshii that just opened.    Tonight we wondered into the Juan Valdez Cafe, which might as well be the Colombian Starbucks, which is fine be me.  It was great and the kids picked up an after dinner treat.  So far so good, even our pickiest eater is finding a few gems.






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