Welcome Home

Well, after many flight hours logged and a few stops in between, we made it.  I could see Cartagena very clearly flying in and what a sight.  Big buildings towering over this little peninsula.  An overcast day providing us a little reprieve from the usual heat.  I couldn’t help but think to myself, pretty soon this place will feel like home.

These first few days and maybe even weeks are so interesting because you are trying to figure out if the actual matches up to your expectations.  And so far, I would say it does. I knew things would not be perfect and I would be challenged to get out of my comfort zone.   The reality of not knowing enough Spanish is all too real, however, I feel so alive and excited with new sights, sounds and friends.   I mean just look at these giant avocados!


And some other shenanigans that we got into today include: lots of pool time, my first coconut rice experience and our first time driving alone with motos and buses coming at you from every side!  On deck for tomorrow: Juan Valdez, I’m coming for you!  Getting the littles all set up with school and some more exploring!




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