I hesitated to write this because I didn’t want to be a debbie-downer, but life is not all roses and rainbows.

Well it only took me a few weeks to miss home.  I’m going to keep it real on this blog, and try not to sugar coat every experience.  Some are wonderful, some are not so good and sometimes it is just downright hard.  Perhaps all 4 of us getting the tummy bug over the weekend did me in, but I had those first few feelings of missing home.  Watching my kids struggle with new things and seeing in their faces some disappointment or confusion is the hardest.   I have had many moments where I say to myself, “Ok, we are going to be alright” and many where I say, “we’re screwed.”


I know if I am feeling homesick, they must also be feeling something similar.  So we put on music that we love, or watch movies that we know, yesterday we baked muffins and built a fort under the table.  So to end the pity party, I’m going to list all the things I miss:

I miss driving myself around, I miss drive thru coffee, I miss my bathtub, I miss BBQ chopped salads (the good ones), I miss talking to anyone in English and about 100 people that I love.  I realize this is about 99% culture shock and I knew it would hit long before we ever left, but I feel like part of documenting an expat life is acknowledging that it hits everyone in different ways at different times.  To end this post,  I’ll throw in a few pics of life lately. Saying good bye to the beloved cast, first days of school, mail from precious friends back home, naps and more naps, the “USA” section of the grocery store, Hurricane Matthew coming to visit, taking Boo to the gym and having her steal my I-Pod, and my new favorite coffee from Ely’s!

Adios Amigos!

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