What Now?

We are still living in transitional housing….. and we are slowly inching our way forward. The holidays and a government shutdown tend to slow your forward progress when it comes to purchasing a home and all the other details of reconnecting your life.

For the next few months, my role will be to continue to support my family into this phase. Re-entry has not been the easiest, we are living in very close quarters trying to find our new normal. I found myself in many conversations where I get asked, “aren’t you so glad to be home?” And the answer is not that simple. Of course I am happy to be home, but I also left behind a village of people I loved. It is the most bittersweet of feelings.

I have sat down more than a few times to really put into words what this change has been like and I have yet to publish a word since we left. I am not sure why, but I assume the roller coaster of feelings has left me tired. I wish I would have been able to really describe the ups and downs better, but moving your whole life, even somewhere familiar, is still really challenging.

I am going to try harder because I do believe that it helps to get it all out. So hoping I can back into regular posts and letting the feelings out into words. This is a season worth understanding, I know there is growth even in this struggle.

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