Being Grateful in the Middle

I have been awfully quiet, mostly because I didn’t really know where to start. This 6 month transition has been a roller coaster… some great, some bad and a little bit of everything else. But here we are, settled in and loving our new normal.

We made it, and while I have many drafted blog posts started, I was unable to push publish on them…. until now. I really was in the middle of the transition and while I had a lot of opinions about it, I had exactly no time to properly put them down into words.

So while I want to dive into what we have been up to, the cliff’s notes go something like this: A long home search and equally exhausting escrow, getting aquatinted with new schools and new friends, a Kindergarten graduation, an 11th Anniversary, some nature, a weekend in Seattle, throw in a few holidays and celebrations and you pretty much have it!

I will get to a few more in depth posts on our travels and I’m hoping this is the start to getting back on the blog wagon!

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