The Evolution of Coffee

When I first arrived in Cartagena, I liked coffee.   I enjoyed it to-go while I was doing other things.  Then, I moved to a place that really loves coffee.


I’ve talked about it before, sitting with friends, drinking coffee out of a vintage tea-cup or a big beautiful mug, not rushing on your way to anything else.  At first it was different and I felt a little bit like I was wasting time sitting around.  But then, I started to appreciate how good that coffee really was.  It could be the company, it could be the master class coffee brewers or the homegrown beans, but it’s working for me in a lot of ways.

Fast forward 1 year and I’m slightly obsessed with enjoying an amazing latte in the most charming cafe’s I can find.   So every Tuesday, some friends and I are going to spend some time exploring a new cafe in Cartagena.


First stop, Folklore Colombian Cafe in El Centro.


We had lattes and cold-brews with a delicious Vegan Almond Bread drizzled with honey.

How fancy is that cold-brew cup?  I appreciate it.  Also, brownie points for the extra fun latte foam art.  It was cute and clean with a nice map mural on the wall.

It was a good start, but we have barely scratched the surface.  I’m excited to start this little tradition – and keep bringing the coffee love to everyone.

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