What am I looking forward to…

In the moments that the stress of moving is tucked away, I let myself get excited.


What I am excited about (otherwise known as goals)

  1.  Showing my children that life is big and a little scary, but nothing wonderful happens without moving outside your comfort zone.  I often tell my son the story of moving away from college and meeting my best friend the first day in the dorms, and meeting my future husband the very next day in English class.  Where would I be without them?  Leaving is hard, but missing out is harder.
  2. Urban living.  Walking, strolling, getting lost and finding a new way home.
  3. Not worrying about house stuff.  I am a serial property owner, I (mostly) love being a home owner.  I get sentimental, attached to the walls that have kept me warm and safe.  BUT, I can’t wait to not worry about home improvement for the next few years. No roses to prune, no roof that needs replacing, and no worrying about keeping up with the neighborhood jones.  More free time, more exploring, and less chores!
  4. Knowing how good it feels to come home when you have been gone a little too long.  The food, the language, the familiar places, and always the people.

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