At Home

It’s been quiet on the blog for a while.  We traversed a 14-hour door to door travel day to get back home for summer.   When I say “home” I am referring mostly to the West Coast of North America… some of our favorite places to just breathe deep and relax a bit.  Our stuff may not be here but our people are, and that is good enough for us.   It is hard for me to believe that I wrote this post almost a year ago, having no idea what challenges and triumphs lie ahead.


This was the longest stretch of time I have ever lived abroad.  But for a few weeks I can just be normal again.  I can be comfortable (good weather),  I can speak to everyone, I can order my food with specific substitutions, Amazon Prime really does deliver within 2 days, all the Mexican food and I know exactly how to respond socially in all situations.  Do not take any of these things for granted.


Watching my kids reconnect with friends and family, enjoy their favorite activities and treats just gives me one giant exhale.  We made it.  We didn’t just survive, we thrived and now we can enjoy the true pleasure of a summer break.

I know this time will reenergize us to get back to adventuring when we are ready, but there really is nothing better than coming home.  Next stop is Portland, we are coming for you, get ready!

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