Essential Oils

I decided to add this page as I am finding myself more and more convinced that essential oils can and should play a large role in your home and life.   I didn’t start using essential oils to start a business or make money, I started using them because my family was getting sick and I was getting sick of using over the counter medicines.  After moving over seas,  it was more difficult to find all natural products that I felt good about using in my home.  I needed products to clean, to smell good, to keep our family healthy and in good spirits.  Well, I found them and I have enjoyed learning all the different and new ways that they make my life better.

How my life has changed since using essential oils:

  • No more fake scented candles or air fresheners.  I enjoy all the same seasonal and holiday scents without the chemicals while also reaping the rewards of natural mood lifting, cleaner air and improved health.
  • I like the idea that oils are the first line of defense in my family, without having to worry about side-effects and over-dosing.
  • I can share them with my friends and family.  When someone I know has a health or emotional issue, I get the chance to offer them something they may have never tried before.  An alternative option that hopefully changes their lives for the  better as well.
  • I have found a business opportunity from the hobby I started with.  I am a regular girl who decided to take it up a notch.  I have decided to help other people learn about and purchase oils because I genuinely enjoy doing it.  I have always appreciated other friends and moms who share their tips and tricks to making life better, so here I am, ready to share.  I only sell Doterra oils because I use them every day and I love the way they have changed our lives for the  better.

Why I choose DoTerra?

  • Quite simply, if I am making this change towards natural and healthy alternatives, I need these products to be of the highest quality I can find.  These oils are safe to breathe in, to ingest and to apply topically.  Essential oils are not cheap, but they are an investment in your health.  Because they are so pure and concentrated, it doesn’t take much to get your desired result.

How can I help you?

I am happy to start a conversation with you about where to begin.  Email me from the contact page and I will respond as soon as I can.  I had so many questions when I first started and I just needed someone to walk me through the first steps.

  • If you are interested in trying some oils and want to join as a wholesale customer (cheaper prices & earning free products and points redeemable for more products), click here
    • Complete the forms and use my ID: 4407440 as your Enroller ID.
    • You will have access to me and my team for all the help you will need.
  • If you just want to try a few, doterra has some great beginner kits, click here

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