Here We Go Again..

After 4 years back home, it’s time again. We knew we wanted one more shot at living abroad with our kids and so…. to Seoul we go. I’m so excited, but I also know the amount of work it takes to move your family abroad inside of 6 months. My knowledge is a gift but it also reminds me about all the things to come. I know there will be many moments full of big emotions, the thrill of the new and the sting of goodbyes. We are older now, hopefully a bit wiser, but with deeper roots. BUT, this is our chance. We get the opportunity to adventure to far off places and discover people and places that we never even imagined.

I hope you will all come along on this journey with us, I promise to continue telling the full story, struggles and successes. The next few months will be full of lots of prepping, sorting, packing and hopefully as much time with our friends and family as we can possibly squeeze in.

Wish me luck learning some Korean before we go!

5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again..

  1. LOVE you all SO much! Excited excited excited for you!
    we will find a window where we can see you before you go without interrupting your process (swear to gif!!)


  2. I am so excited to go with you on this next big adventure. Just remember there is good with the bad and I know you will find the silver lining in all of it. Big hugs to all of you!! Bruce & Leanne


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