Kayaking the Willamette Falls

Now that we are living back in Portland with older kids, it is a great time to discover new activities. With an adventurous uncle in town, we decided to book a kayak tour of the Willamette Falls.

We booked 2 tandem kayaks and 1 single through eNRG kayaking and they were great. We had an informative tour guide who gave us the story behind the falls and the surrounding locks and mills.

We started out finding our rhythm. I was smart enough to put the kids with the boys and took the single for myself. I thought there might be a stronger current being just down from the falls, but the water was pretty calm and the slightly overcast weather made for a really pleasant morning. We passed under the Oregon City bridge and made our ways to the locks and the falls just beyond.

While we were coming up on the falls, we did see some kayakers who had flipped and needed to be recused. Everyone appeared fine, but a good reminder to be safe. The current picked up the closer we got, but it was a nice push back downriver.

Overall, it was a great experience. The kids had a great time and it felt like something we could do again (you can just rent the kayaks without a tour guide for cheaper).

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