Transitioning, Again.

Part of the journey is the end. 

Here we are again…. packing up our belongings and sorting through the many memories we have made here.  It’s time for pack-out and we are preparing to live transitionally for the next few months.  While I am often overwhelmed by the amount of to-do’s in this phase, my anxious brain loves sorting and keeping my most precious items.  I get to be sentimental about my favorites.  

Living in transition isn’t the easiest or most comfortable, but truthfully, it is simple.  Bring just what you need and we can worry about the rest on the fly.    We find experiences to go enjoy instead of cozy days at home, but mostly, we feel the generosity of the many people around us who offer up their homes, their home cooked meals and all the in-between. 

I’m not as nervous about the end game this time.   I just get to be grateful for how it all turned out.  I have an overwhelming sense of success for this journey we took.  Not because everyday was easy or amazing, but because we stepped WAY out of our comfort zone and managed to come away with years worth of adventures and wonderful memories.   So as I pack up my place, it is with a full heart.  

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