Growing Up Expat: Going Home

So here we are.  We have told the kids that we are moving home.  They are both excited, but not entirely sure how this new life at home looks just yet.   It is home, but it will also be a new house, new schools, and new routines.

We are sub 30 days and I am preparing to do temporary living all over again.  A few months in a hotel, rental cars, paperwork and trying to find the smoothest transition back into normal life.

We have come a long way since we first began, but forget those big avocado’s, stick with the Hass! My heart remembers the slightly scary feelings of those first few weeks and I can’t help but be proud of our family,  because we made it and we had fun doing it. 

We are now making a list of the last few things we want to do while we are here, making time for sweet good-byes and trying to enjoy our last few weeks in the Caribbean sun before we make our way back to the chilly Pacific Northwest.

With the kids being older this time around, it will be much easier to talk about what we are doing and how they are feeling.  I pray for a smooth transition but I am prepared for a few emotional days.  Here is a few pics of what we have been up to these past few days:

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