The Hardest Part

What is the hardest part about living overseas?

It’s simple.  The being far away.

This past week we had to watch the news as the Woosley Fire in Malibu, California ripped through our families property.  With no power or cell service, we were cut off from all communication for 24 hours and not knowing how they were doing was absolute torture.   Frantically scouring the latest fire maps and watching newscasters try to catch a glimpse of certain familiar areas and here we are, 3000 miles away.


It isn’t that you could change the outcome if you were closer, but you would be there when it was all said and done to help and comfort those you love.   Sometimes it is just hard to be helpless and far away.

Our family was lucky and came away with minimal damage despite these crazy photos. It serves as a great reminder that our hearts are in so many places at once.





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