Pack for a Purpose

Have you heard of Pack for a Purpose?  This past weekend, I had to the chance to learn firsthand what their program was all about.

From their website, you search out your vacation destination and find a list of non-profits that you can choose to help.  You will then be able to find a list of difficult to acquire supplies and bring them with you in your available luggage space.    Many travelers like to have space to bring home souvenirs, so this is a great way to make sure you build yourself in some space and weight that you will leave behind.

This past weekend, Cartagena Paws was contacted by a group of travelers coming in on the Disney Wonder Cruise ship into Cartagena.   So we grabbed a couple of great 4 legged ambassadors and headed to meet them at the cruise terminal.


What an awesome thing you can do for non-profits who have difficulty getting supplies.   They were able to see and meet the street dogs who were immediately getting the help they needed to find happy and healthy adoptive homes.

I am continually blown away with the generosity of people.   What a great opportunity to meet a need while traveling.   Was so lovely to meet the people who organized this group of travelers, the picture above is just a small amount of the donations that they brought.  They may never see this, but I hope they inspire many of you to check out this program and give a try.  I know I will be.

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