Summer Recap: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

On our last leg of our summer, we did the most actual traveling… mini road trips, flights, taxi cabs, trains and more flights.  Our fist stop was Santa Cruz for a very special family wedding.

The great thing about a cousin getting married is that it is the perfect excuse to see all of your extended family.  This is the family I married into but hands down some of my favorite people on this planet.  We had the best time catching up, enjoying great food, hanging by the fire pit,  and watching two awesome people tie the knot.  So happy for this whole clan.  Love you all.

Before we left Northern California, we made  quick stop into Capitola Beach and the Santa Cruz board walk to meet up with some of our favorite neighbors from Portland.  We survived pregnancy and early childhood right next door to each other and I am forever grateful for this sweet family.

Next stop, Illinois.  First up a flight into O’Hare to show my husband how awesome Chicago is.

I have loved Chicago since my first visit 5 years ago and I’m lucky enough to have someone I love in Illinois so I have lots of reasons to come back and visit.  We had to check out the Bean and Maggie Daley Park, but just walking around the City was all I needed.  Pit stop for some chocolate with a view of the River Walk.

Next up, the Amtrak to Champaign, where my college bestie and her family live.   This was an epic reunion in the works, it was the FIRST time our whole families had ever been together since there are now 5 kids between us.

We ate custard, we picked apples, we shucked corn and snuggled the baby.   We always said we would raise our kids together and then we both moved away from LA in opposite directions.  I haven’t yet figured out how we will be neighbors again just yet, but I know one day we will.  My heart needed this for a long time and I’m so glad they let us crash their staycation to make it happen.

After a few fun-filled days, we flew home to Cartagena.  Thus ending our second nomad summer.   We are so appreciative of the many rides and guest rooms, and the entertaining of our many hosts to make this all happen.  We have a great village and I hope we can return the favor many times over.

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