Summer Recap: So Cal

We spent another good chunk of our time in Southern California.  Our other home.   We played on the beach, we ate In ‘n Out, had homemade pizza parties, hit the park,  and made some really good summer memories with our family.

Having older kids this time around, we are able to bring them both to longer, more physical activities.  Everyone can participate and it’s a lot of fun to just some grab snacks, hop in the car and go.

Logan joined Junior Lifeguards this summer and had a blast.  I am so glad we were in one place long enough for him to have this opportunity.   I have talked a lot about what my children are missing out on by living in a foreign country during the school year so it feels good to be able to offer some of these options to them when we are home.

We also celebrated a very special 8th birthday.

A Jurassic world birthday complete with a lava cake erupting onto Lego dinosaurs and I’m getting mom brownie points.   Losing baby teeth and growing what felt like a whole foot this year makes him look so big.  We love you bud.   We reunited with our one and only Daddy the last week we were there and I’m not sure who was happier to see him, them or me.


It was the calm before the crazy that was coming our way the next 2 weeks.  Up next, road trip to Northern California, then onto Chicago and our time in Illinois.

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