Summer Recap: Oregon

I have lots of blog posts floating around in my head.  I needed a break, I needed inspiration, I needed to think a little bit about what I wanted to say.  So I took a break from posting this summer, but it wasn’t exactly quiet time.

Here is what we were up to:  We had our second nomad summer and it was wonderful and busy and sometimes challenging and full of favorites and new experiences.   We pretty much did a little bit of everything.

First stop, Oregon.

We flew in and got right to work enjoying family, cooler weather and some much-needed slow summer days.

We took a nature art class (such Oregonians), stopped at the many lookouts along the coast, visited some sea life at Hatfield Marine Science Center and spent some mornings at the tide pools.  We couldn’t leave without having at least one campfire on the beach complete with good friends and sticky s’mores.   Also, a sparkler or two.

Yes, we have sweatshirts on and it was amazing.  Learning to really appreciate a moderate climate since living in the Caribbean.   I may have said this before, but there really is nothing better than summer in the Pacific Northwest.

We capped it off with the 4th of July, a small town parade and fireworks!  One of my favorite holidays and we were so thankful we got to celebrate it while we were in America.

Oregon is where I feel the most at home.  I have lived and visited many places in my life, and sometimes it takes leaving for a long time to appreciate the feeling of coming home.  The fresh smell of pine trees is possibly the best scent in the world to me.   Oregon holds my childhood and so many of my memories, it is where I am comfortable and where I belong without questions.  It is the most restful place for me.

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