Winding Down…

I have been busy traveling back home, but I wrote this out before I left and never got around to publishing it.  I think it’s still relevant to where we are.

As another school year comes to a close, I get the chance to reflect on this year in comparison to others and how I feel about heading home for summer.

This school year was a good one for both my children.  Much more settled and comfortable in their surroundings, established friendships and easy routines made for a much smoother experience.

This year was more about their growth as students then their ability to understand the culture and new country they were in.  I think it allowed them to relax and get more involved in what was happening on the social level, without the uncertainty of being the new kids.

While we are so excited to come home for summer, it means saying good-bye to our friends in Cartagena for a while, some who won’t be back in the fall.  We had to jam in as much fun as we could, sprinkled with some visitors, ladies nights and class parties.

One of the highlights was taking a group boat trip.  Snorkeling to sunken airplanes, checking out the Oceanium and finding a quiet white sand beach.

It feels good to be headed home to see our family and friends, but also good that we were successful in another year living abroad.  I am excited to enjoy some of our favorite foods and places, hopefully getting to relax somewhere in there as well.


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