Gulf Coast Alabama

We had some very personal reasons to make our way over to Gulf Shores, Alabama 2 weeks ago and they were 7 years in the making.    Across the Caribbean pond from Cartagena, I was eager to check out this part of our country.   I have never been to the South and couldn’t wait to get a taste of that southern charm.


If you haven’t guessed it yet, we were here to watch our favorite team and our favorite coach/Nana go for the big win!  Lucky for us, it was the perfect reason to take a mother/son trip.   First things first, we had to get cheering for our Waves!  I have always enjoyed being a super fan and it was the perfect weekend to let the Pepperdine flag fly!


I love getting to have this one on one time with Logan, showing him things I love and also getting to share new experiences with him.  We cheered and cheered and cheered some more.

In our off hours, we explored a few of Gulf Shores other attractions.  First stop, Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo:  We got up close and personal with Lemurs, of course had to check out the gators and say hello to the Capybara!


We also checked out Fort Morgan:


Mostly, we enjoyed family, friends and fried food!


I loved those white sand beaches full of sea shells and that we could share this time with people we love.  We learned some lessons about winning and losing, but also just being there for it all, no matter the outcome.  We had a blast in Alabama and I hope it’s not the last time we get to these parts!


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