The Logos Hope in Port

It’s no secret, I miss a good book-store.  Maybe it’s the Portlander in me, but browsing all the latest books, sipping coffee and the quiet murmur of people is one of my top 5 favorite things.   Haven’t been able to find that here in a real consistent way.  Especially books in English.   Until now, or at least until the end of February.

The Logos Hope in port.


How cool is a floating book store?  The Logos Hope pulled into port at the end of January and we took our turn checking it out.

Over 400 international employees devote a year or longer to work on this floating book store, promoting education, literacy, and social awareness around the world.   What an awesome opportunity and how great to bring this experience to people all over the world?

I am often in awe of the organizations and experiences that we have discovered while living here.   I was impressed and inspired by the people and the mission of this team, that I otherwise would never have known about.   When the Logos Hope leaves port, she will venture north up to Guatemala and various stops in Mexico until Summer.  So thankful she stopped here for a bit.  I am hoping I can squeeze in another trip before she goes.

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