In the Spirit of Trying…

Good news.  We found a barn, with horses, and a riding school and I couldn’t be happier.   As I sat on the outside of the arena, watching my kids take their first lesson, I thought about how many hours my own parents had logged watching me.   I don’t know if my children will grow to have the same love of horses I do but I am thrilled that we can afford to give it a try.


My dream ever since these little kiddos came along has been to ride along side them.  Doesn’t every parent want to pass on a love for something they enjoy?  Today, we started working our way towards that goal.

Whether they love it or not, I want them to be try-ers.   People who want to try.  I did not always love everything my parents pushed me to do, but in the end, I had a strong sense of what I really loved and wanted to pursue.  It hopefully turns into a confidence for learning and a well-rounded set of experiences.   There are many activities that are not available to us while we are here, so finding what we can do and making the most of it is important to our sanity.

Just listen to the excitement from that little voice.

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