Nomad’s Christmas – Part 1 : Los Angeles

We scheduled a pretty full holiday on our way to the West Coast this year, and it was just as wonderful as we’d hoped.   Our first stop was Los Angeles.   One thing I get asked constantly is how I travel with small kids.  I did write about it here, but also, it is the norm for our family now.   My kids are used to long lines, hauling bags, full flights and car rides.   I use that time to get them excited about what is coming and also reflect on what we have just done.

With no time to waste we booked an appt. Santa,  got right into cookie making, last-minute shopping and some much-needed family time.

With such a late start to our holiday break,  it felt a little tight trying to fit all these much-loved activities in before Christmas, but keeping these traditions alive is so very important to me.   Christmas Eve we roasted S’mores by the campfire and read The Night Before Christmas.   Of course, Christmas morning was full of excitement.

We spent the rest of our days playing at the park, practicing some bebe-shooting skills and generally enjoying the mid 70’s weather.  Cake pops included.  It was bliss.

Los Angeles isn’t for everyone, but we are lucky enough to enjoy a small slice that most people don’t get to see.  In the beautiful mountains above Malibu, we listen to the birds sing, get to see all the stars at night and relax with the peace of more trees than people.  It makes coming home something we all look forward to.

Next up, our Road Trip to Northern California.

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