The Caribbean Christmas Spirit

There is no shortage of holiday spirit in Cartagena.  They are getting ready for Christmas long before Halloween and it only ramps us the closer you get.   Lights, trees, so many decorations, it’s really a festive place to be.  We watched the parade and lighting of the Christmas Tree in the Bay of Bocagrande last weekend, and it really kicked off the season.

And let’s talk about the Christmas trees.  They are in every lobby and just as beautiful and grand as they come.

I do have moments where I miss the cold weather, the smell of a fresh-cut pine in my front room, snuggling up in Ugg Booths, soft blankets with a cup of cocoa (I am currently in a tank top and flip-flops), but I know that is waiting for me soon.   Today, I will enjoy the beautiful lights that adorn each street of the city.

It is interesting to see how other countries celebrate holidays and I have to admit I am so thankful that Colombia loves an over the top Christmas.   We’ve only just begun.


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