The Importance of Visitors

This isn’t a guilt trip, it’s a welcome mat.  We are currently very thankful to have family in town and what a difference it makes in how you feel about being away from “home” during the holidays.

Being able to share your new adventures is a therapeutic experience.  Showing people where you shop, the new foods you love, and the best ice cream shops you have found feels like your many pieces are back together.

With a few of our first visitors, I watched my children understand that moving overseas didn’t mean abandoning everything and everyone we loved, it meant making the borders a little wider, taking a few longer flights and really appreciating those who would journey off the beaten path to see us.

When we were deciding where we wanted to live, we debated the many aspects of any given city.  One major positive that Cartagena offered was the Caribbean destination that I knew many people would be equally a little nervous about and also intrigued by.

Over and over again, I have heard many of you say to me that my photos tell a different story of Cartagena than what they imagined.  While there is still a lot more to come, I assure you the beauty and wonder of this little coastal town is just as picturesque as these photos.

So for all of you looking to have a guided but slightly wild adventure, we welcome you to come enjoy this experience with us.

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