Tuesday Coffee Date: Cafe Stepping Stone

This week we visited the tastiest cafe is the neighborhood of Getsemani.  What makes this place so special, besides the most amazing Cold Brew I have had in Colombia, is that they employ at risk youth in Cartagena.

So you can not only order lots of food and drinks, you can feel good about supporting some awesome entrepreneurs who are making things better in this city.  Let’s get down to the business of eating and drinking….

I had the bacon and egg sandwich, smoothie bowl and cold brew with cream.  Can’t say enough good things about this place.  Food was some of the best I’ve had in Cartagena, Coffee was amazing and the atmosphere was both inviting and relaxing.   This will make my list of places to visit frequently.  Also, they have a cat named Luna.  And that pretty much does it for me right there.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Coffee Date: Cafe Stepping Stone

  1. Tuesdays are great. And so is your post. Luna along with the charming Tom, grew food and cold brew, how much better does it get?! Especially, since we can also help bridge the inequality gap! 💛


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